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UK based IT Professional with a hefty focus on virtualisation. I like cheese, beer, spicy food and Scottish football (for my sins)

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VMworld 2017 - where did the time go?

I came out to Barcelona with the best of intentions to blog tons while I was at the conference. I have so many draft posts covering the big announcements (or lack thereof), but I just didn't seem to be able to find the time to finesse them enough for release - by the time I'd have gotten to it I'd already seen countless other (and frankly better!) blogs out there covering the same thing. By the end of day 2
- VMworld 2017 - where did the time go?

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...I think we may have a *bit* of a scoop...

...As most of you will know, I co-present a little podcast called OpenTechCast (for some reason I keep typing OpenTechCats, which sounds even more fun. Maybe soon!) alongside Alex Galbraith, Amit Panchal, Ather Beg and Gareth Edwards. We get together on a semi-regular (ie when work and life permits) basis to chat about technology, the certification hamster wheel, improving ourselves personally and professionally and occasionally the odd dad joke. In the run up to VMworld Europe this year we got
- ...I think we may have a *bit* of a scoop...

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Architecting on AWS

Like a number of my peers I'm presently working solidly to upskill myself in this new cloud-based world. This week has been one of solid training, with the Bank Holiday Monday lost to travelling for a session with DellEMC on Tuesday (not much in there that I can talk about due to NDA) followed by a 3 day course in prep for the AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate exam. I had initially put this exam aside as I have
- Architecting on AWS

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MCP - easy as 1-2-3?

About 10 years ago I decided that it was about time I took the step to get myself some certifications, and MCSA (closely followed by MCSE) seemed like a logical place to start. I knew it all at that point anyways, and it'd be a walk in the park, right? Sadly my employer at the time wasn't interested in me achieving said certs, I expect because they felt I would then move on to a better paid job. I moved
- MCP - easy as 1-2-3?

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A little bit of Dev in my Ops

As most of you know my background is strongly in the Ops world, and so when I decided over the Christmas break that I was going to work toward some Amazon Web Services certifications I was sorely tempted to shoot for the SysOps Administrator exam first. As I'd picked up the AWS Associate study pack from I cracked on with this. However, as I worked through the first few modules I had chats with folks who had already
- A little bit of Dev in my Ops

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