2016: My Year In Review
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2016: My Year In Review

I'm probably not the only one who is looking back on the past 12 months and thinking that it's been a tough year. We've lost some of my heroes (Bowie in particular was a massive kick in the nuts), I started a new role and ended a relationship with someone who I'd been with for almost half of my life. These things are all hard.

With challenges come opportunities to grow though. This year has (the above aside) seen me attempt a number of new things, with varying degrees of success.

I kicked off my new role with my employer on the 1st of January - moving from an internal sysadmin post into the newly created role of Lead Infrastructure Consultant. Truth be told I'd been more or less working the new job for the previous year or so, but to get a new title and business cards was fun. I get encouraged (and sometimes a little nudge, too) to try things I would previously never have dreamed of...

  • I've started a podcast with a few other techy types who I'd been stalking on Twitter for a while

  • I gave a talk at the North East UK VMUG about staying relevant in the industry we all know and love (and sometimes hate)

  • I drunk too much wine at the official VMworld party and lost my jacket, conference pass and a pair of Oakley Half Jackets that I'd only bought a fortnight prior

  • I moved house into a place all on my own. I finally have enough space for a mancave/office. This was pretty stressful, not least because it meant that I was away from my kitties for 3 whole weeks (which was pretty heartbreaking, but lovely when I moved them in with me)

  • I made some excellent connections with folks through the podcast and at events - I've always been a bit of a wallflower when it comes to social interaction, but this year has really forced me out of my comfort zone and I quite like where it's taken me. Chatting with some people and helping to explain things and prepare for exams is something I'm very happy to be doing.

  • I was awarded vExpert 2016 status, of which I am immensely proud. I've got my fingers crossed for a renewal in the new year.

  • I failed my first shot at renewing my VCP-DCV, then passed VCP exams in both Datacentre and Network virtualisation. Don't despair, Karl - we all struggle with some of these things and then overcome it!

Over the next week I plan to follow this with a set of goals for next year. One will definitely be to do something with this site so that it's a little less dowdy looking, and start putting some pretty stuff up. See you then!