As most of you know my background is strongly in the Ops world, and so when I decided over the Christmas break that I was going to work toward some Amazon Web Services certifications I was sorely tempted to shoot for the SysOps Administrator exam first. As I'd picked up the AWS Associate study pack from I cracked on with this.

However, as I worked through the first few modules I had chats with folks who had already sat the exams who suggested that the Developer exam might be a better place to start. I was a little worried, as I was planning to put this off until the last one to tackle however I figured that as we not live in the DevOps world it wouldn't hurt to get my feet wet with some developer skills. I needn't have worried...

This morning (a few weeks later that I'd originally planned, but work gets in the way like that) I sat the exam and passed at 81%. Not the best of scores, but a pass is a pass is a pass :)

Thanks to the aforementioned and also my fellow OpenTechCast host Alex Galbraith for their efforts - Alex has some great resources available on his website for all of the Associate (and Professional) level certs, and I'll be using them when I move onto the next exams for sure.

Onwards and upwards!