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UK based IT Professional with a hefty focus on virtualisation. I like cheese, beer, spicy food and Scottish football (for my sins)

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(belated!) vExpert Cohesity briefing: VMworld 2018

Did I ever mention that I'm proud to be a vExpert*? I really am. Other than getting to plonk a sticker on the front of my laptop (which reminds me: I need to order some new stickers as I forgot to snag one at VMworld!)... that we also get to attend exclusive briefings from vendors to find out about what cool stuff they're working to bring to market. One such opportunity presented itself at VMworld EU in Barcelona at
- (belated!) vExpert Cohesity briefing: VMworld 2018

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Working at a VAR - a retrospective

As I've recently announced, I recently moved on from having spent 5 years in various roles working for a VAR (Value Added Reseller, for those of you not familiar with the TLA). I've been chatting with a few folks in the community (mostly on the customer side of the table, as I was prior to this place) who were wondering as to what the pros and cons of moving into such a role might be. This is all Just My
- Working at a VAR - a retrospective

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vSphere 6.7 - Expanding LVM volumes

When using the vCenter Server Appliance it's possible that certain volumes (most likely those involving logs) may start to get full, generating alarms. Because you're all good people, you'll monitor those alarms and take action right? There's a KB article available which details how to do this for VCSA version 6 and 6.5, however there appear to have been some slight changes to the appliance shell in 6.7, so the process is slightly different. This post covers what
- vSphere 6.7 - Expanding LVM volumes

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And now... the moment you've all been waiting for!

A few months ago, after a bit of soul searching I decided that it might be time to start thinking about my next career move - my time with SBL has generally been great, but I felt I'd gone about as far as I could with them, and that I was starting to stagnate a little. I put the feelers out, but nothing seemed to be doing. I had chats with a few vendors, but either the role didn't feel
- And now... the moment you've all been waiting for!

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vSphere Update Manager - Dell repository

Just a quick post this time: historically the Dell repository for VMware Update Manager was located at I was looking into an issue for a customer using Dell kit recently, and noticed errors in the VUM logs due to the fact that the URL specified no longer worked. I did some searching through Dell's documentation and still couldn't find a replacement URL so I engaged on Twitter and... It's been switched to https is
- vSphere Update Manager - Dell repository

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