Day One down: observations
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Day One down: observations

So... this whole Lead Technical Consultant lark means a whole ton of learning for me. Thankfully, this is one of the main reasons I agreed to the gig :) - over the coming months I'll need to get up to speed with Citrix Netscaler, vRealize Automation, VMware NSX and some as yet unknown IBM bits and bobs - more on that on Wednesday.

In all honesty I've been tinkering with NSX for a while, and have as an objective the VCP (and then potentially VCIX) in it as NSX sits very comfortably in the space that my employer works in: namely security. NSX is something that I learn something new about every time I tinker, despite having attended the very worthwhile ICM course. It's also a technology that I need to do some serious practice with if I'm to get the accreditations I need, as my background is very much as a server guy and as such I'm still learning chunks of networking as I go along.

Netscaler is another product that I've been tinkering with in the lab for a while: clearly a very capable product but I've so far found the vast amount of stuff it can do to means that the actual management interface is a little... unfriendly to the common or garden admin. Hopefully I'll be able to share with you some tips as I pass along that particular learning path.

A shameless plug while I'm thinking about learning and self development: I've had a Pluralsight subscription now since it was a Trainsignal subscription, and even at $40 a month it's pretty good value. I discovered through one of their instructors that you can get a free 6 month subscription if you sign up to a (free) Visual Studio Dev Essentials account - more details in that last link, as I certainly don't want to be taking traffic away from Troy's excellent site.

Next post likely not for a few days, hopefully a big less wall o'text. Thanks for reading - if you have any comments I'd love to hear them on Twitter.