I've been promising myself for a while that I'll stop going on Twitter after I've been drinking, because it tends to involve conversations that get silly. And this was no exception.

I mean: I've never been to the London VMUG (as a professional Northerner), and I've only made a few contributions to the OpenHomeLab wiki. That said: I think both Alex and Amit have made some great contributions to the tech community, and Gareth was recently a standout performer on Virtual Design Master so when things went a little off the rails I felt I could hardly back out... I am a little concerned that I'm not sure what I'm bringing to the table, but the chat was fun, and people seem to be enjoying it so far (keep the feedback coming!)

...and so our little podcast begins at http://www.opentechcast.com. Find us on iTunes, Stitcher and other places (I'm sure!), and follow us at @OpenTechCast