Hubris, or the breaking of a tech
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Hubris, or the breaking of a tech

So today has been interesting, or as some might call it a bit of a wakeup call. My VCP-DCV cert expires exactly a week from today, and I shouldn't have left retaking the exam this late.

But I bloody did.

I did a little study. I bought the bible, yet only selectively read it. I skipped around the Pluralsight course with Greg Shields, but I neglected to study hard enough. I know this stuff, right?

Wrong. Missed by 12 points on a cert that I should have aced.

This post is not likely to be great for my career, but if nothing else it'll serve me as a reminder to not be so bloody slack. Studying properly for the retake right now.

(Instructors: please feel free to use this post as an example of what happens when you wing it too much - there will be a follow up in the coming week or two showing what a difference a few ounces of focus and effort makes)