...As most of you will know, I co-present a little podcast called OpenTechCast (for some reason I keep typing OpenTechCats, which sounds even more fun. Maybe soon!) alongside Alex Galbraith, Amit Panchal, Ather Beg and Gareth Edwards. We get together on a semi-regular (ie when work and life permits) basis to chat about technology, the certification hamster wheel, improving ourselves personally and professionally and occasionally the odd dad joke.

In the run up to VMworld Europe this year we got a bit of a scoop via Amit's brass neck - we managed to secure a slot to interview Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware. Obviously we were super excited to have this opportunity, and it's been incredibly tough to keep it under our hats, but yesterday we got the interview.

There were some technical difficulties (how do we fit a UPS to our recording equipment while retaining it's portability?), which meant that things cut out just as Pat was hitting full flow for one of the questions however he was a perfect gentleman - batteries were stopped and he just picked up as if nothing had happened. You can probably spot it in the recording, but we weren't dumping this one for the world!

Thanks again to Amit for organising the meeting, and to Pat for giving us the opportunity. We have another super special guest to interview very soon, so keep your eyes on OpenTechCast for that announcement.