Recently I was asked by my employer Software Box to run a workshop session at our annual conference (clicky if you want to register!). This will mark my first proper presentation to a group of unrelated people. This is a weakness of mine, and I'm determined to turn it into a strength!

Now: I've presented to small teams at customers in the past, and this has been fine, however like a number of people in the tech industry I suffer from a small condition known as Imposter Syndrome. I know that people are coming to the session to hear what I have to say and hopefully learn some Cool New Stuff, but I am more than a little nervous.

All being well I'm going to have a blast, get lost in the moment and we'll have some great chat in the session (in case you want to attend, it's workshop 4 on Wednesday morning: "Private Cloud: floating in the right direction?"), and it gets easier in future.

I'll try to get an update out during the day on Wednesday and let you all know how it went. Until then... fingers crossed!