The Story Of A vCloud Air Virgin - Part 1
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The Story Of A vCloud Air Virgin - Part 1

So: recently I signed up to the (rather excellent) VMUG Advantage programme. I've recently taken on a leadership role with the local VMUG which had been on something of a hiatus, and as a thanks from VMUG this sub arrived in my inbox - who am I to refuse?

Now realistically a lot of the benefits that come through the programme don't really apply to me - I work for a VMware partner, and as such I get access to lot of software through their NFR programme for lab use. What I definitely don't get is credits for use with vCloud Air, and this is going to be a boon for me as I find my homelab starting to become a major constraint in the compute stakes. I've been tinkering with Ravello Systems for this, but given that a lot of my day job involves VMware it's probably a good idea that I get a little more au fait with vCloud Air.

I signed for Advantage this evening, and the entitlement process seems to be a little on the manual side as I received an email advising that within 2 working days I should have a follow up from someone at VMUG HQ - I'm looking forward to hearing from them, and hope to have some time to play at the weekend.

I'll be following up with my initial setup experiences with vCA, as well as the other goodies that VMUG Advantage offers early next week - bear with me while I do.