VMworld 2016 EMEA
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VMworld 2016 EMEA

As most of you will be aware next week is VMworld 2016 EMEA in Barcelona. I'll be there along with my fellow OpenTechCast hosts Amit Panchal and Gareth Edwards.

I thought that it might be helpful to share my planned schedule, so that if anyone wanted to hook up for a chat, grab some OTC stickers and badges, that kinda thing they can find me easily.


vRockstar Party


PAR3698 Automating Infrastructure and Application Delivery with vRealize Suite
PAR3706 Maximising Upgrade Opportunities from vSphere to vSOM and Beyond
PAR4015 Partner Exchange General Session
PAR4016 Partner Exchange Lunch
INF8516-QT VMware Security: The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Parts
MGT8733-QT Application Networking and Security Lifecycle Management from vRealize Automation and NSX
PAR3722 Enabling Automated Network & Security Services with NSX and vRealize
PAR3830 The Practical Path to NSX for Partners

Arrow ECS Party



MGT7751 A Technical Deep Dive into VMware Integrated OpenStack
EUC7519 Access Point: Advances in End-User Computing Remote Access
SDDC9462-SPO The Edge is Still Bleeding: A face-melting technical smorgasbord of all things Converged, Hyper-Converged, Cloud Native & Software Defined
CNA7741 From Zero to VMware Photon Platform
MGT8770 Managing Microsoft Azure with the vRealize Suite

vExpert Party
Veeam Party
UKI VMware Party


SDDC8414 VMware Validated Design for SDDC Technical Deepdive
INF8856 vSphere Encryption Deep Dive: Technology Preview
INF8430 vSphere 6.x Host Resource Deep Dive
EUC8670R Your Digital Workspace: How to Plan, How to Start
NET8935 NSX for Small Data Centers-Breaking Boundaries

VMworld Official Party


CTO9943 VMware Chief Technology Officer Panel - Trends and Futures
EUC8725 Everything You Need to Know About Horizon Remote Desktop Services Hosted Applications (But Probably Do Not)
EUC8648 Architecting VSAN for Horizon the VCDX Way
INF9205R Troubleshooting vSphere 6 Made Easy: Expert Talk

I hope to see you there - hit me up on Twitter while you're out there and we'll figure something out!