Welcome to V-IT.pro!
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Welcome to V-IT.pro!

These things are always a little tricky: first posts on a new blog. I've been seriously considering entering the blogosphere (which now sounds like a terribly out of date word) for quite some time now, and if I'm honest this isn't the first time that I've tried. This time, however I'm committing to putting comment and content out there on a regular basis.

So: a little about myself. I'm Kev Johnson, a 30-something IT Professional based in York the northeast of the UK. I've been working in technology for... a bit over 15 years now - helpdesk, desktop support, 3rd line support and for the last 2 and a half years as a SysAdmin and technical consultant for Software Box. I love my job, I really do - after so long in the trenches to find a company where I get the opportunity to learn something new every day, and really engage with the community as well as surround myself with some of the smartest people that I have had the privilege to work with is amazing. Every day really is a school day. My particular area of interest is virtualisation and cloud, but as with most people in our field I wear a server hat, a storage hat, a networks hat, a customer hat and a few other hats for special occasions.

Today I take a step further in my career, and I take on the mantle of Lead Technical Consultant - Architecture. What this means is... well, I'm not really sure - there's a degree of it meaning what I can make of it. I'll be spending more time working directly with our customers, designing and building solutions to their problems. I'll also be helping to make sure that our support teams are absolutely the best that they can be, again leading to (hopefully!) a better customer experience.

This will be the first time in my life that I've been so close to the sharp end of things, and I'm relishing the challenge. Let's see where things go from here!

This blog is likely to involve a mixture of technical problems and solutions (not all of which will be provided by myself - I'll make sure that those get attributed to the relevant people!), comment on where I feel that the industry is going and some general non-tech related stuff - possibly football related (I'm a Celtic FC fan for my sins), with some complaints about how I've injured myself while out running. I hope to see you tag along for the ride!